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Monday, April 21, 2003  

Done Shrieking

Today's Knitting News
Yesterday I finished knitting and blocking Shriek. I knit the front and back twice (one because of guage and the second due to inattentiveness). At lunch today, I will seam it although I do not have the accent yarn for the embroidered motif. Likely, I will add the four strands of Kid Silk Haze later when I find an accent color that suits the aqua yarn. This will be a good week to wear this top under a suit jacket as temperatures will be in the sixties and this shell is a light-weight wool (Rowan Rowanspun DK).

I cast on for Milano although I still have to rewrite the pattern, as I prefer to follow a line-by-line explaination. Other good news: my archives are on-line! This means items pending such as comments, completed projects and patterns can now be added to the template. I am looking forward to knitting and blogging this week.

Also, if Joan (NYC) is reading, "Hello!" Mark and I had a great time at dinner on Friday. I hope you like this blog and do not think I have totally lost my mind.

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