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Friday, April 25, 2003  

Introducing Mick!

Mick, named after Sir Mick Jagger, poses for a frontal portrait. Other than Mick, he is sometimes called “Noooooooooo”. Mick loves to be held like a baby, talk, kiss (nibble) Mark's goatee, eat any and every bug in his path and chew. “Chew what?” you ask. Brass faucets, lamp shades, kitchen cabinets, cookbooks, baskets and my bamboo knitting needles and Vogue On The Go Knitting books, to name a few. The vet says it is a behavioral issue. Ha! On Monday I will feature Mick’s stepbrother, Bowie.

Today's Knitting News
I am wearing Shriek today at work with brown slacks and loving it. May snap myself. I made progress on Maude last night during another great episode of Survivor and CSI. I have six hours into the back and 76 rows complete. Armhole shaping starts in six rows.

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