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Monday, April 07, 2003  

No Shrieking This Weekend

On Saturday in my hometown, a wonderful store, the Gilded Lily, offered to carry my hand knit “designs”. My designs are simple triangles and rectangle fashion scarves; the attraction is from eyelash yarns and sometimes, furry yarns.

I have knitted scarves to sell since before Christmas 2001, selling enough to support my habit (yarn). Sales were at my nail and hair salons, work place and via friends and family (strictly word-of-mouth), over one hundred sold or gifted. Two retail stores sent me business cards, but I did not follow-up due to my regular work in health care.

The Gilded Lily staff asked to try on the scarf as soon as I entered the store, then took it to the owner who immediately asked about an exclusive retail order. Like all good knitters, I had scarves from my personal collection as samples and a stash of several dozen yarns to demonstrate color possibilities and combinations. Delivery is next Saturday and I will snap a photo of the bunch for you.

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