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Wednesday, April 30, 2003  

Prayers for our Pets

My condolences go to Wendy on her loss of Izzy. Mick and Bowie came into my life 18 months ago when I lost my first cats: Sid (Vicious) and Nina (Hagen) in their 16th year and Mick’s sister, Dolly (Parton), all within a three month period. Even though Dolly was the runt and in poor health, I picked her over another sister at the shelter. She passed in a loving home instead of a cage. The day after, Mick and I went to different Humane Society and we picked Bowie out together as the shelter let me put the boys in a room together. They ran behind a table and have been chasing each other since to cat wrestle. Here is a look at a calmer, more infrequent moment.

Today’s Knitting News
I am finishing the front of Maude today at lunch (about 10 short rows) and tonight will weave in the ends and block. Maude tank will be finished by the weekend and I can move onto Maude Shrug. I wore my red Gedifra belt with hipster jeans last weekend and loved it. In addition to finishing the blue belt, I want more. I used my digital camera at my LYS last time to snap the colors they had in stock for the purpose of showing them to potential customers. Now I am finding that it is great to look at the selections to plan for myself. Here are my choices. I like the black so I could put silver, gold or brass metal beads on the ends. Browns would be great, too, now that I have done color. Even though it is simple, I will put the pattern up as a pdf once I have several belts done to photograph.

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