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Tuesday, April 22, 2003  

Ram Wools Slurge

Just what I needed: More Yarn for the Stash! Rams Wool's Spring/Summer 2003 Catalog has too many ideas to resist, as you can see from the three patterns book and yarn for four items. The Paton book cover is for a cable and bobble cardie with hood. I saw a similar sweater in pale blue on Allie Benet's (Sarah Carter) character in the third episode of Black Sash. (My husband's interest is martial arts as he practices and teaches several forms.) The only difference was Allie's had pom-poms at the end of the strings tied at the neck. I cannot decide on a yarn color since Paton has 28 options! This will be a fall-winter project.

Today's Knitting News
I seamed Shriek and tried it on last night. The fit is just right. Made Milano's back waistband using seed (moss) stitch. I want to save this project for vacation in four weeks but it is compelling me to knit it. The mostly in-the-round technique, a new stitch and other design features are keeping my interest peaked. The European wording is also a challenge. For example, place marker on the 31st stitch. Is "on" before the stitch or after? If anyone has a clue, please e-mail me. (I am still looking for a comment service for the site.)

I will probably set Milano aside for now. The Mission Falls Maude Tank and Shrug, along with the Vera Bag are waiting. I have the pattern written out and color-coded and a cheat sheet with yarn samples as there are 11 colors that stripe. The tank might be my new knit interest. Foxy and Pagan will have to wait.

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