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Thursday, April 24, 2003  


In addition to my two knitting totes with current projects, a large basket of yarn by the couch, a set of ten hatboxes with small scraps, I have one more place to stash my yarn. My front hall wall looks very proper with a 1890's Jelly Closet, but no jelly here! (Just my most significant yarn inventory in the house.)

Today’s Knitting News
Made progress on Maude last night. I have used 10 of the 11 colors in the stripes and anticipate a great deal of progress in the next three days, minus time to hem a gown. I will be the only bridal attendant when our friends get married in Telluride, CO on May 24th (Mark is best man). Also, I have posted my completed knitting projects from the last three months in my new Gallery. These are PDF files and you will need Adobe Acrobat, to view them. I have included a link to their site to download this free software.

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