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Friday, April 04, 2003  

Taken Down a Notch (or Row)

Today's Knitting News:
Shriek is stalled due to a dropped stitch way back. Picking it up did not work as it left a structural-looking pucker. I will frog the thing this weekend. In the meanwhile, I have included a knitting retrospective (probably the first of many when I have no "new" news). This was my project before Shriek, the Bucket O'Chic (#4). I am waiting to take a photo of # 3 on the gift recipient as it is my favorite of the series.

The yarn is from Japan and has a great colorway -- army green and khaki relieved by Easter pink, lavender and aqua. Timely for the spring season and war... I will include specifics (manufacturer, yarn type, etc) in the soon and upcoming Gallery of Knit by Nora projects (ha, I can't wait to see that myself, now along with my other blog tasks that are multiplying just like bunnies). For now, feast your eyes on this. (Only one modification to pattern, went for a deeper crown -- looking for that Dr. Suess top hat look).

Ode to Private Easter Bunny

Blog at ya on Monday. Happy knitting.

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