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Monday, April 14, 2003  

Those Pesky Scarves

Finally found a way to take a picture of the triangle scarves – hung from a towel rack under a skylight. They did not show up well in any other photo. The triangles are folded in half in this photo. The rectangular scarves were much more cooperative, laying in the sunlight. The owner of the shop liked them to the point she could not decide which triangle to keep for herself. We both hope they sell well.

Today’s Knitting News
I went away this weekend with girlfriends to a ski resort, Seven Springs (no snow, just a great condo to crash in after a fine dinner out). Although I brought my knitting bag, I found it difficult to knit while partying intensely. Started a quickie project Sunday night. After the instant gratification of scarves for others, I want something right now for me. I am making a cute, red-fringed belt in Gedifra Cubetto yarn, “an effect yarn with the look of lined-up cubes, unconventional colorfulness and soft luster”. I will continue at the allergist’s office today and hopefully finish it tonight. I also have to archive my postings for the first time. I am slightly apprehensive after reading of other's problems with this function, but it is a necessary blog task. Also on my to-do list is comments, a gallery of previous knit work and a couple other items. Hopefully this week I will have more offerings to the blog knitting goddess.

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