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Thursday, May 01, 2003  

Circa 1988

As I am knitting limbo with blocking a finished piece and casting on a new one, I am doing yet another retrospective. But instead of recent work, I pulled out my very first sweater. This red wool with black nubbies was done in January and February of 1988. The coral mohair with black windowpanes followed. At the time, loose, tunic style tops were hot over skinny little leggings (black with both of these) and tight little boots. There is no shaping in the body, not even for the sleeve inserts. I made large shoulder pads for the coral sweater and it was so stylish, I was offered $200 for it that year. I do not think I used patterns at the time but had an "Elizabeth Zimmermann" type of mentor. Things have really changed in knitting and fashion. I made one more sweater that year, for Mark. We were not married at the time and are in our 14th year of marriage. The boyfriend myth is not reliable. I will show you his knitwear in the future.

I am out until Monday, unless I learn how to connect this weekend from home by dialing from a new laptop into my work computer and jumping on-line. If that happens, the possibilities open up for home surfing!

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