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Wednesday, May 07, 2003  

Knitting Dreams

Last night I received a catalogue from a California knitting company called: L’Atelier . It is very glossy, full of color and design inspiration. However, these people are nuts! For $75.00 a year, you can obtain a tote bag, 11 patterns, 25% off yarn and not much more that I can discern. Another snag is the yarn prices are not listed in the catalogue or on their website. Given the pricing of their yarn kits, I am guessing yarn is no deal, either. L’Atelier has put together a very sleek, high-end yarn business with expensive marketing materials.

Today’s Knitting News
Speaking of shrewd shoppers, I won 550 yds.—250 grams of beautiful Kabuki Red Berocco Zen on E-Bay yesterday. I have three hanks of a pale, shiny gray in the jelly closet for a tank top that I saw made up at my LYS and the Zen pattern booklet somewhere, along with the free Lucy Lu pattern from Berocco. This is a someday project, not even in the basket yet. I swing between the need for color (my current craze) and my love of neutral colors (black, taupe, gray, etc.). I will finish knitting Maude shrug sleeve # 1 today when I spend some quality time at the Subaru dealership having my car serviced.

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