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Friday, May 09, 2003  

Lady Bug

These beautiful stitch markers came from Alissa at yesterday, the result of my first trade! I love them (hated my plastic ones), especially love the cats. Knitting Milano with these markers will be much more fun. The ladybug marker is a motif I also like as you can see from this Ladybug!

Today’s Knitting News
Maude Shrug sleeve #1 is done (ends woven in and blocked) and sleeve #2 is half way done. I practiced the crochet edging on my swatch and after a loose start, mastered the stitch. It is really strange feeding yarn from my left hand rather than the right (I am self taught on crochet so this may not be right). The first round is single crochet; the second is slipstitch, chain five, slipstitch, chain five, etc. and you end up with a ruffle. If I can do this, maybe I can learn to make granny squares.

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