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Monday, May 12, 2003  

My Alter Ego

Emily is a character that is a lot like me about 20 years ago. (During the time I graduated from high school in 1980 until after college when I started up with Mark.) My NYC friend, Joan, gave me an Emily tee because I have a black cat, Mick, and she was my roommate during those years of badness. I think one of Emily’s redeeming qualities is being a cat lover. I like asking her black ball questions, try it!

Today’s Knitting News
Maude Shrug is done except for the crochet trim on one sleeve and around the neck and back. I hope to debut it on Wednesday or Thursday. My big dilemma is I had planned to start Milano as a vacation project, but the Pagan Knit-Along beckons. What to knit next? In the meanwhile, Bowie has no problems filling his time with play.

I thought Maude Shrug was close to done until I tried it on after crocheting the 2nd sleeve trim at lunch (but before doing the neckline trim). It is too tight across the back, so I will undo the seams as the sleeves fit well and knit a new back square tonight. Right now it is about an 8" x 8" or 20cm x 20 cm. I would like a couple more inches across for comfort, the length will not change so it will still work with the current sleeves. No need to frog as I have a ton of yarn left, at least 6 complete balls and as many partials. New goal: Maude Shrug by the weekend!

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