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Thursday, May 08, 2003  

My Top Ten Places to Knit

Since I work full-time, have a husband and a home on 18 acres of property, time to knit is precious. These are the places I knit:
1. Anytime I watch television or a movie;
2. At lunchtime at my desk;
3. In the waiting room during doctors appointments;
4. Waiting for my car to be serviced;
5. At my hair styling salon;
6. At family functions, such as birthdays and holidays;
7. At the airport and on planes when traveling;
8. In hotels/motels when away on business;
9. At Starbucks, Barnes & Noble, Borders and other bookstores/coffee shops, and
10. In bed, but very rarely!

Today’s Knitting News
Sleeve #1 is knitted, ends woven and blocking. Sleeve # 2 is cast on and has about 30 rows of 180+/-. I want to practice the crochet edging on my swatch in the next day or two as it is more than a single crochet. At work there are at least 6 ladies that crochet, I am the only knitting oddball.

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