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Wednesday, May 21, 2003  

New Temptations

I received the 2003 Summer Supplement from Patternworks. It features a ton of scarves. This trend just keeps picking up steam. I like a pattern from Rebecca #25 for a summer cardigan that would work at the office instead of a blazer. Layering clothes is necessary as it is usually refrigerator-like at my office when steamy outside in the summer. It calls for a linen yarn, but I really need to knit down stash at this point.

My blog has been a dog this week (no offense to puppies intended), both the editing portion and the site really suck. It is really slow to load; I am surprised anyone is reading it. Blogger has this to say, “Heads up. Over the next couple weeks, we will be moving people over to a new version of Blogger. It's basically the same, as the old one but should work better. So if things look different one day, don't be too surprised. (FTP users: Be sure to read the release notes about passive FTP and the new IP.)” Should work better? Don’t they know?

Today’s Knitting News
I knocked a lot of Pagan off last night watching television and will get a little in today at lunch. Photo of progress will be posted tomorrow. I totally cried during Buffy’s last episode. My favorite, poor Spike was toasted saving Buffy. I loved his Billy Idol look. Mark and I played Idol’s White Wedding when we married. Billy Idol has a great live, acoustic CD out. I cannot get it off of Mark. So, Farewell Buffy, I will miss you kicking butt each week.

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