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Monday, May 05, 2003  


There is a new yarn store in the Pittsburgh area called Knit and Bead. When summer is in full swing (June or July), I plan a pilgrimage to check it out. Knit and Beads is located in one of the older, trendy sections of the city with many privately owned shops as well as national shops (Sephora, flagship Banana Republic, etc.) While perusing for knitting news, I ran across an article about an author who seems to detest knitting but is willing to publish a book for $24.95 about the topic. Two knitting blogs are mentioned (Knitology and TwistedSpinster), as well as our knitting blog culture. This is definitely a book NOT to purchase.

Today’s Knitting News
Introducing Maude Tank!! It is interesting that my carpet at work is very similar to Mission Falls color Lichen. I stayed up until almost midnight to finish it last night and I am paying for it today. Part of my compulsive-obsessiveness is a devotion to deadlines, partly originating from my work in healthcare. I am the editor of our employee newsletter, write monthly/quarterly progress reports and write proposals in response to request for bids from various States--- all deadline oriented. It carries over to my knitting. So when I said I would have a photo of a completed Maude on Monday, I was unswerving from the goal.

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