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Friday, May 16, 2003  

Slipped One In

This month for Mother’s Day, I had a commission for a triangle scarf in red so I used Crystal Palace Splash from my stash for a quick knit. Here is a photo of the final product folded in half and tagged to go (actually gone now). It is cool enough in the Pittsburgh area to wear scarves recently! Last night at the salon where I get my nails done (and sold scarves a year ago), I was commissioned for two lightweight triangles. Chris, a hair stylist, has two exchange students from Italy and want the scarves for their girlfriends. I told her the yarn I use is Italian, will be made up in the US and go back to Italy! The boys do not go home until July so I have wiggle room for my personal knitting.

Today’s Knitting News
Pagan Update: I completed about 50 rows of the front of Pagan and will begin the Hello Kitty motif today. Yes, I am doing the front before the back since I have made this pattern once already. I also selected the crew neck again, not the v-neck. I am curious what versions of Pagan everyone is knitting? Hopefully the front will be done by Monday for a photo op!

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