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Saturday, May 03, 2003  


I am online at home on a Saturday! My office set me up with a laptop and connection (for work, of course, not blogging). I left my digital camera connection is at the office. photos might be a weekday activity as to spare the expense of a 2nd cable. Do you believe me? Take bets on when I get a 2nd cable this summer.

Also, the connection is so much slower. Now I see why many bloggers keep knitting at hand. I will have to set up a new knitting basket by my desk. Perhaps I can make it faster by having you click to view photos rather than displaying all on the daily blog. Thanks to everyone who is patient enough to wait for my site to load, I appreciate it.

Today’s Knitting News
Went to LYS yesterday, just for magazines. Alas, some yarn following me home. My addiction to All Seasons Cotton (ASC) knows no end. But the ASC was not solid but mixed shades of grays with white and denim blues with white, along with other colors such as coral, aquas, etc. I purchased two balls of each, I’ll admit it, for two more Bucket O'Chic hats. I have enough ASC for four, yes four hats with no thoughts of gifting, just me…. The positive slant is that I can whip one off in a couple of days. After 3 more tanks. Also, picked up brown mix Cubetto for a belt, later. Maude shrug is on her way. I knitted the square for the back that the sleeves join onto and it is blocking. I am about ½ way through sleeve # 1. Sunday I will finish Maude tank that is also blocked, then back to the shrug. My goal is to finish knitting by next weekend. Photos on Monday!

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