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Thursday, May 22, 2003  

Vacation All I Ever Wanted
We will be in Telluride for the weekend, then hitting the road in southwest Colorado. I will be back on-line at the end of next week. The flight time in the air is six hours each way, plus airport waiting time. I expect to accomplish much knit-wise as Milano (tank!) and Bucket O’Chic (to match Pagan) are going west, also!

Today’s Knitting News
Pagan is done being knit! If I have time tonight, it will be blocked. Do you think ASC will roll after being pinned for a week? The best part of this knit-along was seeing everyone’s different approach to the style and technique aspects of Pagan. I learned from each of you! I used the three-needle cast off for the shoulders and like it better than the bumpy shoulder seams on my white Pagan. And I definitely want one more Pagan this summer done in the round with sherbet colored stripes in a v-neck!

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