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Wednesday, May 14, 2003  

Yummy Yarn
I had not heard of Anny Blatt yarn or so I thought while reading L'Atelier catalogue I mentioned last week. I had seen this yarn at a great yarn shop in Princeton, NJ on a business trip in February (pre-blog). Notice that knitting permeates my work life? This Anny Blatt kit includes one skein of variegated angora yarn with matching color coordinated ribbon yarn and pattern. I saw the scarf made up and was so very tempted. The ribbon yarn reminds me of the skinny wrapping paper ribbon that you can make curls from for packages, except shinier, and the angora, is well perfect, like a cloud.

I was not in the mood for an “Instant Gratification Project” at that time and bought the Rowan All Seasons Cotton I am going to use for the Pagan Knit-Along. I wish I had stashed this yarn, but am psyched that it is on-line. Next month, it might be my anniversary present to myself (14 years married to Mark as of June17th).

Today’s Knitting News
I finished Maude Shrug last night; the trim needs steamed a little to lay better. (No household chores done!) The fit was improved by making the back piece in medium. In retrospect, I would have done the sleeves in medium for a less snug feel on the upper arm. Going up at least one size in the shrug is needed for this pattern, which is strange considering how well Maude Tank fits. Pictures tomorrow! In the meanwhile, I finished my Hello Kitty chart for Pagan in navy All Seasons Cotton. This means I can start tomorrow on the 15th -- yippee. I would also like to do some color around the hem such as a row of hearts to match the two hearts by the motif, but may change my mind. Even though I swatched my last Pagan, I am thinking of swatching the motif to make certain it has good proportions.

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