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Monday, June 16, 2003  

Blogger S**ks
Today my settings and template screens returned, but my ability to post photos is gone. Even though the part of the photo upload screen did not work on Friday, I could store the pic on the server and code the file myself. Did I mention the Blogger "Complaint Form" called Blogger Control has not worked; it comes up with a header and no form. Clever of Blogger to have the main means of communication also down. However, their new links to pages selling Blogger apparel are working quite well. I have been e-mailing them through an obscure address buried in their site so I am holding my breath. So, no photos today. Stay tuned.

My email to blogger did not go through. I made it onto the complaints page to let them know about the upload problem. As I purchased Blog*Spot Plus100 on April 3, I have a long time to spend at this blog host. I hope they get better, not worse.

Today’s Knitting News
This weekend was productive as I finished Smooch (looks good with jean shorts); put a ruffle on my white Pagan (act surprised when you see the pictures); and knit two triangle scarves. This week I will go back to Milano to wrap up my tank girl mission. After this final tank, it is summer cardie time. I signed on for Yahoo Knit-Along, although I will not be doing Sitcom Chic. I have Berocco Zen for Lucy Lu or natural linen for a Ram Wools cardie-shrug.

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