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Tuesday, June 24, 2003  

The Coolest Things

As a result of blogging, an unexpected, yet cool thing that has happened to me is trading knitting stuff with others. Better than E-Bay, it costs only postage and yields not just yarn, but nice relationships also. And sometimes, I get more than I bargained for, as was the case with Jennifer (Jenn), another Pennsylvanian, albeit an “easterner” (:-)) The trade was for two cones of gorgeous plum cotton yarn for my item #1 posted a couple of weeks ago. Due to de-stashing, Diane sent two extra skeins of fuzzy wooly yarns. One is already in my basket for a quick scarf knit (a Friday night project) as the colors just grab me. The other, Pullover-Garn, will be … well I do not know what it will be, yet. (Must mull this one over.) I am always amazed at the generosity of knitters. Bonus yarns have come to me several times now, both from bloggers and yarn stores and each time I feel that other person’s warmth and personality come through this act. Thanks Jenn!

Today’s Knitting News
I was in the mood for swatching for my summer cardies and playing with yarn. The taupe linen color swatch on the left is for my Ram Wools linen cardie and the coral red in the middle is for my Lucy Lu cardie. I will probably work up the linen cardie first. I cast on the colorful wormy-looking yarn, Adriafil Explosion, another E-Bay find. I hope to get two scarves from 3 skeins to sell or give away as gifts. This is a tough little yarn to knit, the worms want to hide under the rick-rack like thread. Notice the ball (top) and the scarf (bottom) look much the same at this point.

This scarf is a TGIF-SICK (thank god its Friday, so I can knit) project. This acronym is strange, but true. I must be sick to want to be at home knitting on Fridays instead of heading out. But after a 45+ hour workweek, I just want to veg on my couch! Saturdays are a better party night for me, both physically and mentally.

The Yarns:
1, 5 Trendsetter Eyelash
2 Euroflax 100% linen
3, 4, 8 S. Charles Cancun/Rialto
6 Berocco Zen
7 Berocco Plume FX
9 Adriafil Explosion
10 Fiesta Yarns Gelato (will make a small shawl for summer)

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