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Tuesday, June 03, 2003  

Daily Doldrums

I am out of the office, blogging at home. Alas, I have no drivers (all my CDs are at work) to transfer pics via Sony Cyber-Shot or Clie. Cables I have, but no software (almost sounds like a knitting issue). And on a peevish note, I have wasted at least 1/2 hour looking at Sony's website for a fix (i.e., copies of drivers). Last night I snapped a self-portrait in my ASC Pagan and Bucket O'Chic AND (hold onto your hat), Mick posed with me! Something to look forward to tomorrow, if you are so inclined. It is only because of the other brave tank girls that I would take a photo at 11 p.m. I loved seeing everyone modeling their Pagans as having a face to go with the personalities is great for people like me who are visually oriented. (I am tactile too, obviously, but audio -- not. Mark would agree that I do not listen. I am also no music buff).

Today's Knitting News
As my home computer is a slug, I am knitting my Smooch swatch and may write out my line-by-line instructions. Knocked off more Milano last night. I am half way to the armholes which is a good thing for in-the-round knitting. Totally a different mindset for knitting -- I feel a kinship now to those who use circular needles.

X-rated Alert -- I may also gratify myself by finishing my Cubetto belt tonight. (You thought it would be much sexier?) It has beaded fringe, which is calling me. My LYS is offering a class in beading in June to make a beaded handbag, but I am passing to go on a garden tour. This fall, I would like to tackle socks (I have been a hold out) when they offer a workshop. Too many of you bloggers are making it look way hot and I was fondling sock yarn that makes its own little block-ish patterns at Yarns Unlimited.

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