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Wednesday, June 04, 2003  

Hello Mick

As promised, my photo shot with Mick. He is very professional, waiting patiently while I set the timer on the camera between shots. Mick is a natural in front of the camera, although he did not like sharing the spotlight with the silly kitty on Pagan. Here is a shot without Mick clawing Hello Kitty.

Today’s Knitting News
I picked up my Smooch pattern and 3 balls of printed ASC in Surf (I had 2 intended for a Bucket O’Chic, but did not like how the colorway knit up on the small item). An older issue of Rowan magazine also followed me home.

I used Kerstin’s cable cast on approach, then totally went insane over the second row. Instead of spending quality knitting time over it (I jumped back to Milano), I sent Kerstin an email and as my new Smooch guru, she let me know I missed Alison’s blog last week about a Rowan typo for the pattern. Again, this knit-along concept is very cool, as normally I would abandon the project after hours of frustrated attempts.

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