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Thursday, June 26, 2003  

Hot in the City

I worked in Pittsburgh today, attending a satellite broadcast training session. Afterwards I went to look for a newly opened LYS, Knit & Bead. It is located in Squirrel Hill, a very trendy but traditional part of the city. My sister and best friend have lived there is the distant past. Although I am not a beader, this area was impressive. The yarn area is not extensive, but it is well thought out and nicely organized. And since the store is more open, the yarns seem to jump out, especially ones I have not seen before in person.

The staff was young to me (20s or less), but each cheerfully offered their assistance. I brought home Jo Sharp’s The Holiday Island Summer Hand Knitting Collection; 9 Balls Of Plymouth Yarn Stone Cotton (52% cotton, 48% acrylic) in burgundy red to make the ¾ sleeve, ruffled edge Chaise; and a ball of Lamb’s Pride Bulky in ebony to make the knitting bag from Hollywood Knits. A ball of natural has been sitting around for a year or so; although this will be a fall-winter project. The handles of the bag are #17 US Brittany bamboos, a neat feature. Although I would not make a special trip (the prices seem a wee bit higher), I will visit if I am in the neighborhood.

Today’s Knitting News
Becky’s swatch is blocked and the ends are woven in. All I need to do is add the embroidered accent! Are you wondering what it looks like? Next week, I promise.

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