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Thursday, June 19, 2003  

Knit Envy

Smooch has lace and ruffles, Maude shrug has ruffles and navy Pagan has instarsia. What did white Pagan have? Nothing, until last weekend and now the neckline sports what? A ruffle! It has added a feminine edge to this plain white tank. I plan to wear with a flirty summer skirt (white with pink, blue and yellow dashes) and delicate white lacey sandals. No photo of me in Smooch yet (I had it on yesterday but it was too cool here to leave on). This weekend I will snap me wearing it, but here is another view.

This is the 1st triangle scarf made up and the yarn of the 2nd (also now complete).

Today’s Knitting News
Knit Milano last night and I am so close to the armholes, I cannot wait! My Anny Blatt angora and ribbon yarn scarf kit came the day before my anniversary. This is a yarn gift to myself; I love the colors. The website I ordered it from also does custom-blended novelty yarns and fibers. They sent me five samples, with enough to use as as accents (I had filled out my comments section to tell them how I found their website). Visit them at:!

Note: I am told comments are not working (although photos have been restored). I cannot even bring my blog up so something is rotten in Demmark!

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