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Monday, June 30, 2003  

Knitters Rule the Roost

Amanda wins the Friday “What is it?” contest and Alissa takes an honorable mention! The wood crate was used to haul chickens many years ago. Some people, as Alissa mentions, use it flat as a coffee table with or without a glass top (after a good scrubbing). I use it as a sideboard along a wall. My favorite guess was by Chris --- a lobster trap. Becky’s swatch is on its way to France; photo on Wednesday (I am taking a 4-day holiday July 3 to 6.)

Today’s Knitting News
I loved my TGIF project: the Mission Falls Vera Bag! I will crochet the drawstring for it tonight post a pic on Tuesday. Milano and Tuscany were neglected this weekend. I wound the Inca cotton into a ball for my next tank top and have it ready for a swatch.

Alison writes that she is about to start a tank that will make her sixth tank of summer 2003. I want a six-pack, too! After Milano, I need two more tanks. Inca will be and one that has been smoldering in my RIP (resting in pieces) bag would make it six! The RIP tank will be a surprise as it has never been mentioned in the blog and only needs seamed as I knit it before I started posting. Note that the June gallery is now up, along with wedding/vacation snaps.

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