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Thursday, June 12, 2003  

Learning Curve

Smooch has shown me that I am capable of lace, which is good. Previous forays into lacey scarves were not as fulfilling. But, I have learned that lace knitting (unless it is an element of a garment) is not what I want to be knitting.

So I have two items (details below) up for trade if someone out there in blog land has an interest in such things. My interested is yarn for as I learned from my previous trades; it is a good way to experiment with fibers I might not usually buy for myself. So e-mail me an offer. Those that respond first will be given first consideration.

#1 ---TRADED TODAY -- #2 is still available!--- One cone (6-7 stitches = 1” on #2-#4 US, 8 oz./1000 yards) of Brown Sheep Cotton Fine, made of 80% Pima Cotton and 20% Merino HW with pattern for Fiber Trends Lacy Accents (three lovely, easy-to-knit lace scarves). According to the Patternworks 2001 Catalogue, “Looks as gently crisp as it feels, combing the comfort of cotton with the softness and elasticity of merino wool.” One cone of Cotton Fine is enough for three scarves.” The yarn was originally $16 and the pattern $4.00. Note: the cone would also make one shawl, although I do not have a pattern for one.

#2 Also, from 2001 Patternworks: One skein of Cashmere of America brand Cashmere 2 Ply (6-7 sts = 1: on #2-#6 US, 50 gms/438 yds.) with a rectangular and a triangular lace scarf patterns. This is 100% Cashmere HW that originally cost $38.00 with patterns costing $4.00 each. “Pure cashmere is prized for its warmth without weight, its downy softness that increases with each wear and its exquisite fineness. Sheared or combed from healthy goats by farmers and ranchers across America, this cashmere has been grown, processed and spun under the strict standards of their cooperative, Cashmere America. Use this lace weight cashmere for the ultimate in luxury!”

Today’s Knitting News
Smooch -- I made it to the armhole last night after frogging a couple of times. The size of the needle and the stretchiness of ASC created some large stitches I could not live with. And I would like the neck and arm seams to be perfect, as possible. I am heading to my local yarn store today to pick up yarn for 2 commissioned scarves while spending the anticipated profits. For some reason, Yarns Unlimited has a copy of #6 Rowan magazine, so I am picking that up with issue # 19. I still hope to finish Smooch this weekend as Mark has rented several newly released videos including the James Bond movie with Halle Berry.

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