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Thursday, June 05, 2003  

The Lure of Rowan

I thought I was just browsing, but I gave in to temptation. As a result of 2 E-Bay auctions yesterday, I now own Rowan magazines # 7 and #17. The earlier issue’s claim to fame is that of the Foolish Virgins pattern by Kaffe Fassett. The cover’s flowered intarsia cardie has a wacky cat motif on the left breast that appeals to me. It could jump to another pullover or tee. The price on #7 was good, #17 a small investment. But seriously, I could re-auction these and get my cash back. And if I hold onto them for a while, they may appreciate. Perhaps this is better than putting my money in a 401K!? I’ll just blame my LYS clerk who said if I see an older issue I should grab it after I said I wanted to collect all the back issues. No one said, "No matter what the cost." ... I did not run home and tell Mark, "Guess what I bought on-line at work today?" Glad to have the blog to gloat instead about my victory.

Today’s Knitting New
This lace chart was my first, as I have never knit lace before. At least not successfully – there was a scarf I abandoned when it ended up looking like one big knot -- I still have the fine cashmere I purchased for it. I probably should trade the skein and pattern for something I am capable of knitting.

Buttonholes are as close as I have come to making "lacey" holes. Like the ruffle, it was tense knitting and more frogging occurred. ASC certainly holds up under duress, this is one tough yarn! It should be clear knitting on the rest of the back. Since I am using the printed surf color in ASC, there was a concern whether the lace pattern would be lost in the colorway, but I think it looks okay.

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