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Friday, June 06, 2003  

Mark and Nora

I received an email with Colorado wedding photos in black and white from the two guests. (We were a party of six.) Although it does not do the background justice, we look happy in this snap.

Today’s Knitting News
I dropped my college ring in the middle of my car while driving and it disappeared. In helping me look for it, Mark grabbed my #8 US needle from my Smooch tote to poke around and snapped it half! He has compensated with cash, but my LYS does not have 14” size 8 bamboos in stock. For now I am knitting on the same size circular and notice that I'm slower knitting back and forth. I think it is because I hold my straights further down and circular needles are not very long. After seeing Jen’s adorable Smooch in the color Kiss, I want to finish mine. Now! Actually I want a 2nd Smooch in that color. She is very cute and her photos show every Smooch detail. No knitting photos today, just an artistic rendition of Bowie in a laundry basket.

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