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Wednesday, June 25, 2003  

(Not So) Happy Helper

Mick likes to help me sort yarn, usually by chewing it to see if it is still fresh. This is a yarn basket that he appropriated, chewing on the handle, then curling up to cry about the lack of yarn within. I found these adorable cat buttons at my LYS at a good price, they feel like ceramic or pottery. I would like to make a cardigan in one of the darker denim yarns to go with the button; I just need yarn and a pattern and time and money.

Today’s Knitting News
Becky’s swatch is knitted; it needs block and ends woven in to go in the mail on Thursday or Friday. I am saving the photo for next week’s blog as I have enough stuff to post this week. Back to Milano’s back today and tonight as I hope to move onto the front tomorrow. I would like to get a good start on the Tuscany (my name for the Ram Wools Linen Cardie-Shrug) this weekend. I just re-read Frances Maye’s Under the Tuscan Sun and am starting to re-read the second book, Bella Tuscany. They are like a mini vacation as her writing is very descriptive.

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