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Wednesday, June 11, 2003  


A package arrived last night! I thought it would be my #8 US straight needles ordered Friday for 2-day delivery from Patternworks. (Mark broke mine while using it as a probe.) But to my surprise, it was a packet from Emma! She sent two Rowan books (love them) and a sample of each yarn, one slated for an adorable hat.

This is the best part; I have never used either Rowan yarn (cork and cotton tape). A creature of habit, I often tend to use the same yarns in garments:
§ Enjoying the texture of the yarn when I knit,
§ Liking the yarn’s appearance in a garment, or
§ Adoring the feel of the yarn against my skin.

I do the same with shoes, pants, etc. If the item fits well and is a bargain (sometimes not), I buy in more than one color. Emma is helping me expand my yarn boundaries. Of course, I immediately cast on the cork yarn and feel in love. It would also be great for sweater for Mark who hates scratchy (but good for me as it feels and looks good knit up). Thanks for making my evening! But what has Patternworks done with my needles? Since the company was sold, this is my second order and the second time I’ve had a problem. There may not be a third; there are too many resources on the web.

Today’s Knitting News
I went about 10 rows too far on Smooch and need to frog before starting the armholes. I also have decided that knitting back-and-forth on circulars is not for me – give me straights. My cork hat, named Elsie, is halfway done. It has been modified for a tighter fit like a seaman’s cap; the original has more of a shower cap appearance. I was still in the mood for instant gratification.

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