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Monday, July 07, 2003  

Back to Reality
My knitting suffered this weekend due to the holiday celebrations. In addition, I found the new Harry Potter book at 40% off retail and instantly became engrossed with the story. This is a 1960’s pattern book for a couple of bucks a while ago. It has some classic shapes in, I especially like the crew and v-neck pullovers.

Today’s Knitting News
I started the trim on Milano and found Dale of Norway’s directions for picking up stitches up are different than others. Instead of specifying the number of stitches to be picked up (i.e., 113 stitches), it said to pick up an odd number of stitches without giving an exact amount. This approached worked well for me on the neck.

Next I will knit trim on the right and left sides of the slit in front. I can use yarn over to create openings for a tie to be thread through, if desired. Again the pattern does not specify the number of stitches to pick up or the exact spacing of the yarn overs. I cannot decide whether to have a lace up front or leave it open.

I tried Milano on and think I made it a size to big (medium instead of small). The yarn is 100% cotton, so I may try to shrink in hot water after the entire piece is completed. I would hate to give this one away as it has taken forever to make up on #4 US. Only the circulars helped speed up the work.

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