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Thursday, July 24, 2003  


Thank you to Marta. She’s the devil for tempting me with the gorgeous fiber (when sending some reading materials). I am going to give in and give it a spin, just like she knew I would. It is amazing how much we can discern about each other’s personalities via the web. The boys thought it was a treat for them, but I quickly hid it away. So they spent the evening fighting over the box instead.


After Again

Today’s Knitting News
I continued working on Dune that is definitely going to work with me. I may also take my Rowan Cork hat and Mark’s birthday gift, a watch cap in black with a row of skulls around it. I had made him one from the book, Hip to Knit, but he did not like the style. It is not cool to fold it back to form a brim, the cap should be short enough to end above the brow without a fold. He even showed me a photo of a black with orange flame cap from the 2003-04 Harley Davidson catalogue of one with the correct proportions. Mark thinks all his biker friends would buy one. I plan to time how long it knits up although I would not use the cashmere-merino blend for his buddies. Mostly bachelors, they would need something washable.

I going away for work Friday to Tuesday; be back blogging on Wednesday, July 30th.

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