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Thursday, July 10, 2003  

Bowie and Mick watch the hummingbird feeder.

Learning Process

For college and work, I have administered and taken tests about how people learn (visual, tactile or audio along with more details methodologies). Pictures of “how to” followed by my actually trying the task are best for me. (I love computer books like the Teach Yourself Visually series that has almost every page in full color.)

In pursuit of the elusive granny square, I picked up this How To Crochet book. If it can teach pre-teens, I have good chance of learning, too. It has a great pictorial guide and I must say, a couple cute projects. There is hope that I will learn to crochet and my kudos go to those of dual natures (knitting and crocheting).

Today’s Knitting News
I worked on Tuscany cardie-shrug last night and steamed the 100% linen a bit to see the shape. This is one tough fiber. Not only does it say machine wash (gentle); using a dryer is recommended to soften the results. The label says that steaming “enhances the sheen of the yarn”. I agree -- it perked up with a quick blast of heat. Euroflax is made in Belgium by Louet Sales.

It makes me want another in another color. The price was right, too. I am starting the back portion of this one-piece garment and will reverse the shaping in only three inches or so. Can you tell the sleeve, front flap, neckline and the start of the back (needled portion)? This pattern would be sweet in another fiber for a little wrap.

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