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Thursday, July 31, 2003  

My First Sock Yarn

I’ve never. Never knit a sock. So that is on my list of learning goals for knitting. Although I could figure it out on my own, I am waiting for a class at my LYS this fall. They have not scheduled the exact date, but it is after kids are in school according to the teacher-mom. Since I have never knit in a group or even with one other person, I wonder what it is like. Yes, I knit in public but that is different. Those strangers know nothing about the process; this will be with peers!

This is the sock yarn I purchased in DC. I usually wear very neutral socks – brown, gray, black, tan, navy, etc. I have been waiting for the perfect sock yarn so this combo of black, gray and white is perfect. Plus, I really wanted a neat self-patterning yarn. Thus, my first sock yarn. I wonder where sock knitting will take me, given others on the knit ring appear to become: shall I say, addicted? I also picked up two discounted balls of Rowan ASC, a set of needles and for the collection, Rowan magazine #26. I think I read somewhere that a blogger had received the new issue #34. Where’s mine?!

Today’s Knitting News

Here is the back of Dune. The picture was taken in haste today but hopefully you can see the lace detail – in the middle of each triangle there is a raised line that is nice. I like the overall shape as the decreases were different than I have done before (Right dec = Sl 1, K1, psso, slip st now on right needle back onto left needle, lift 2nd st on left needle over this st back onto right needle with 2 sts decreased and Left dec = Sl 1, K2tog, psso with 2 st decreased). Tonight I would like to cast on one side of the front.

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