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Tuesday, July 08, 2003  

Rocky, Watch Me Pull a Rabbit out of my Hat

I pulled a Rose, not a Rabbit out of my WIP bag. All Rose (from A Season’s Tale in Kidsilk Haze) needed was seamed. I had put her away as I had modified the neck and arm trim and did not care for it at first. I actually purchased the same yarn a second time, cast on and completed an inch. A little time stewing and I find that I can live (and wear) Rose, as is. Especially since I do not want to knit the same thing again on #2 & #3 US needles.

Unfortunately Rose does not count as a tank as she needs cool weather. What to do with five duplicate balls of Kidsilk Haze that cost almost $60? It is way too late to exchange at my LYS. There is enough for a tank (or vest) in any size (per Rose pattern). Anyone interested in trading Rowan yarns?

Today’s Knitting News
I cannot get into finishing Milano so I worked on Tuscany cardie-shrug. Last night, I finished the sleeve and cast on additional stitches for the body. After 6 ½”, I will begin my first short row experience. This project is what I needed as it is knitting quickly on #8 US. The linen looks and feels like string, although it is not scratchy on my skin. The color reminds me of a paper bag.

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