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Tuesday, July 15, 2003  


This is my new place to hide/stash stuff that I found antiquing last Saturday. The top is cookbooks and the bottom is mostly knitting books/mags. It is not organized; I just tossed everything in to get it away from Mick. As you can see, he has tried to follow (he did jump in while it was empty, the bottom AND the top).

Today’s Knitting News
As luck would have it, I received a pattern correction for my Tuscany shrug-cardie in the mail yesterday from Ram Wools. It was for the exact spot I was about to knit, the 2nd set of short rows. It was not so bad that I could not have made it on my own, but just ironic. I just have a day or so left for knitting.

Last night my sale yarn from Elann arrived. Gefifra Big Point in gold is a substitute for the Inca cotton for Very Easy Very Vogue Chunky Knits cotton top. It is a perfect gauge of 8 stitches by 12 rounds/rows on size #15 US. My goal is to knit it in one weekend (this weekend). Can I do it?

The second swatch is Stahl Wolle Bandolino. I thought it might be another Rowan ASC substitute, but it is a finer yarn best on size #5 or 6 US. I plan to use it as a Rowan Wool-Cotton substitute in Alex from Rowan magazine #31. I had been looking at this pattern for some Rowan Handknit DK, but that yarn was so yummy, it is slated for a cable pattern. Alex, in blue, will be a lay-round-the-house or run-around top for blue jeans.

When these yarns originally arrived, I was slightly disappointed as they are not spectacular at first glance. But as I am finding with cotton/synthetic blends, it is the handling via knitting and the final form where they show their true attributes. For the price, they are excellent and the garments will be attractive when done in these yarns. I would recommend each as a substitute for everyday or casual garments. If you are making something special, complicated or time-consuming, I would be less likely to use them knowing what I have learned via swatching.

One awesome surprise: Elann sent a July 2003 newsletter with YARN SAMPLES of upcoming sales. My Bandolino was the July 1st sale. Today is their third Tuesday sale with Katia Scala that is 58% off (originally $9.50 US, now $3.98), a yummy ribbon yarn with 56% merino wool. If I had not binged on yarn lately, I would pick some up. Repeat after me, Nora: “No more mail order yarn!” (This excludes trips to the LYS or when going to new stores while away on business.) Check back the next 2 Tuesdays for more sale info. Of all the Katia yarn samples, this is the most luxurious!

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