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Wednesday, July 16, 2003  


One thing Rowan magazines lack is an index by type of yarn. This would help immensely when purchasing yarn without a pattern in mind or even when substituting yarn in a Rowan pattern. I usually thumb through the entire magazine (photos and patterns) to get a match and repeat this process with each issue.

To rectify, I have started entering the patterns from each of my Rowan mags into an Excel file with this info:
· Magazine #,
· Name of pattern,
· Type of yarn needed,
· Quantity of yarn needed in my size,
· A scale of 1 to 5 for my interest in knitting the garment, and
· Notes if I want to buy yarn in certain colors, have the yarn or similar minutia.
This will be great once I finish. All I will need to do is sort by yarn type and there will be all the Rowan Wool Cotton patterns. I can further specify the sort by # of balls or rank of my interest. I still need a key to the yarns in regards to needle size and gauge, especially for substitutions. I can load this file on my Sony Clie for yarn shopping on the go! Think this meets the definition of borderline compulsive-obsessive? Nope!

Today’s Knitting News
Will start the last sleeve of Tuscany today and hope to finish knitting by Friday so I can attempt the Vogue chunky top in 1 weekend! I swatched Jaeger Aero, a blend of wool (51%) and acrylic (49%). It was a challenge to knit chenille as it catches easily, a dropped stitch is impossible to find and counting the gauge was difficult without bright sunlight. I imagine frogging would be tough as the curls bond together into something fabric-like.

The color is dark bluish-black and the needle size I used was #8 & #9 US (note the red yarn line). I preferred #9 and found the pearl side of the stockinette stitch is much more attractive, almost bouclé-like. All I need is a pattern that will accommodate the stiffer drape. This garment will need little-to-no blocking. A simple pullover or simple cardie would suit me.

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