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Wednesday, July 30, 2003  

Yarn Shopping

One benefit of working in large cities is visiting new yarn stores. While working in DC, I found a helpful staff and well-rounded inventory at Knit & Stitch = Bliss. Bethesda, Maryland was an adorable town where outdoor cafes lined the street. After yarn shopping, I went to their large Barnes & Noble (3 stories) and was rewarded with the new Vogue knitting. Tomorrow I will show you my yarn store purchases.

Although the entrance was street level, the store was on the second story. This kitty was in the entryway

And these two kitties were at the top of the steps. The gold cat reminded me of Bowie when he chases Mick who looked like the black cat . Mick and Bowie also like to chase yarn.

And speaking of Bowie, Mark and I find it amazing that he can still fit in the hiddy-hole scratching post. It is only a foot or more in diameter.

Today’s Knitting News
I finished the back of Dune and it is blocking. I started Mark’s skull hat and frogged it having decided K2, P2 is not conducive to the intarsia design. And I will need less stitches if it to be knit entirely in the round which leads to rewriting the spacing of the skulls and the decreases. Basically I am stalled until I can rewrite the pattern. His birthday is September 12th so I have time. Mick's birthday is also the 12th and Bowie's is September 27th. After the skullcap, I will knit him a flame cap in orange and black and post the pattern for those who are interested! Thanks for the cashmerino (Debbie Bliss) tips as I am using it for the caps.

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