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Monday, August 11, 2003  

Are you a Rowanite, too?
Rowan magazine #34 was in the mailbox Friday! After a challenging workweek, it was like a sign from above. In addition, there was a nice list of sale yarn at 50% off. I have been dying to try some wool cotton and guess what? I charged not one, but two bags of yarn! Two for the price of one, ya know.

Today’s Knitting News
I made it through my slump. First, I had some instant gratification with my skunky “Pepe Le Pu” scarf (finished one and cast on for the 2nd) that is half white, half black (leftover yarn).

Then I cast on for Gracie from Rowan mag #27 (of Pagan fame) using Gedifra Wellness. Right now, Dune is in limbo with Milano as company. Given my mental state each day after work, I need knitting that is instantly rewarding, i.e., a bit easier to process mentally.

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