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Wednesday, August 13, 2003  

August List

Like others, I am feeling the need to prioritize my knitting projects. As I do not have time to update the template, it is time for a down and dirty to-knit list for the rest of August:
1. Must make Mark’s watch cap with skulls for his September 12th birthday! (skull chart and inspiration ala Lisa and Stephanie ).
2. Finish Gracie, the cardie.
3. Finish Milano while it is warm enough to wear.
4. Make progress on the Dune cardie.
5. TGIF project (8/15) – Finish 2nd Skunk Scarf
6. TGIF project (8/22) – Knit another Explosion Scarf
7. TGIF project (8/29) – If kool-aid dyed, knit 1 or 2 Colinette Point 5 scarves

Today’s Knitting News
Since my work in progress is not photogenic, here is Grace in her full glory from the Rowan. She just keeps moving along, making me feel good.

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