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Monday, August 04, 2003  

Bag Cats

Mick and Bowie usually take turns playing in a shopping bag, but this weekend each wanted his own bag. For once, Mick did not tear or shred the paper or make his own back door entrance.

Note that the comments are down. Squawkbox is holding me hostage and I just paid their ransom. Hopefully, comments will be back in the time specified (24-48 hours) and that previously made comments will return. Sometimes I like to reread them.

Today’s Knitting News
I am in somewhat of a slump, probably because work is utterly fatiguing me (worked 12 days straight, 5 of them out-of-state and flew 5 legs of the worst airline service I’ve had to date). I won't mention the office politics which simply make working much more difficult.

I knit 12 rows of lace, again, on Dune (two charts) and frogged it a second time. Will the third time be the charm? I have made every error possible, so it should work out. I could not muster the energy or enthusiasm for other knit projects…household tasks were daunting enough. If only my Rowan #34 would could be an oasis in my desert of despair. I see UK knitters may have this issue in hand, lucky dogs cats.

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