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Wednesday, August 06, 2003  

King of the Castle

Mick and Bowie will be 2 years old in September but received an early birthday present last night. The boys are not declawed. They have pedicures every couple weeks (by me, hopefully while they are "resting") and use a scratching post most of the time. Having outgrown 2 of their 3 posts (one on each story), this is the new scratching post/play center for the boys. This is what comes of being a dink (double income, no kids). Mick immediately claimed the top as king of the castle. Bowie is more hesitant at new things and snuck downstairs later in the evening to test the new toy.

Today’s Knitting News

I received a Lions Brand yarn catalogue in the mail yesterday. It was full of yarns and colors I never see at the fabric or craft store. It is a pity that they stock the most basic yarns and colors as Lions Brand has many appealing yarns, including 4 new ones this season and 42 new colors in existing yarns. It is unlikely that I will mail order a yarn, not having seen it personally or had a recommendation from another blog knitter. Talk about missing the yarn boat.

Dune, once I mastered the pattern, knits quickly. Once the front left is done I will post a photo cause it is so lacey! I keep pondering the fact that my time spent deciphering patterns and frogging errors can be the same (or more?) than time spent knitting. I usually write the pattern out in a word processor, line-by-line even if the pattern specifies the length rather than the number of rows. Usually the time spent doing this prevents error and can speed up my knit time as I just follow my directions and do not have to think, “do I increase/decrease on row 3 or 9?”

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