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Thursday, August 21, 2003  

Little Book

Another item from my Otter Creek shopping experience is this little book; just 3” across! The ribbon marker has an adorable charm. I would love to find a gold knitting charm for my charm bracelet. Each time I work and vacation in a new city, I try to add charms to the ones given to me by my family.

I did not know it at purchase time that the knitted items were provided by Sophie’s Yarns in Philadelphia, PA. I stopped here last fall and still remember this adorable basement shop on a sweet Philly side street. I had walked about 10 blocks to get there from my hotel and had a great time.

Today’s Knitting News
The left front of Grace is blocking and I realized I have been knitting an extra small, not the small. I think it will be okay for the fit, just form fitting rather than loose. Worst-case scenario, I wear it as a blouse rather than layering. The fun part is I need 7 buttons! For now I can mark the spots where they go cause I will be knitting button holes on the right side!

I could not stand the wait, I had to swatch Ava. I realize that the needle sizes on the label were mm not US. So I swatched on size 11 US and got my gauge! I was worried about the quantity of yarn I purchased. Although I brought home 15 balls, each has only 55 yards!

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