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Thursday, August 07, 2003  

I am heading to Columbus, Ohio later in August for two days. There are listing for three yarns stores – wow! If you are wondering how I find yarn when I travel, check out Wool Works, a relatively reliable directory for shops the US and other parts of the world.

Any OH bloggers reading? If so, what store do you shop at? I also found a listing for an Albany, NY LYS, but will likely not get there on my next day trip. Hopefully, the trip thereafter. New yarn shops are my main motivation for working at the moment.

Today’s Knitting News
I have not knit in over 24 hours! I did write out more of the Dune pattern, although I am stuck on part of the left front right now. The numbers do not work out; hopefully it is just a misread/interpretation and not a pattern flaw. Last night I had to read work junk and hem a pair of work slacks. I bought a new suit to celebrate the new project so hemming is actually good. Hope to knit tonight and tomorrow.

Thanks to all for words of encouragement, recently. It is awesome how a note from another knitter makes me happier. I regret not having time to send a note back personally to each of you. Sometimes, the positive power of the blog is overwhelming. Personally, I absolutely refuse to publish or comment on anything but the goodness of people and I feel that the goodness comes back. I also think the reverse is true that mean (spiritedness) begets mean. No green meanies wanted here or in everyday life!

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