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Friday, August 01, 2003  

My First Koigu

There is always something new ahead in knitting. Thanks to Carolyn for trading me her Koigu Kersti yarn for my excess KidSilk Haze. Her package went out yesterday (Thursday) with the yarn plus a surprise. Why? Carolyn is moving from NYC to Chicago. And that is what I consider a significant life change which is way stressful. Keep your spirits up and good luck on the move.

The colorway of Kersti is awesome; I see the appeal of the yarn based on the color aspect. I have five skeins and wonder what can I make? Does it felt? Please leave your suggestions; they would be much appreciated.

Today’s Knitting News
I frogged 8 rows of lace on the left front of Dune because I did not write out the pattern but tried to follow a chart. I hate repeating mistakes; I just thought I was ready! Instead, I recuperated with the TGIF knit, well TGIT. Emma had sent the Cork pattern book and a ball of yarn to make Elsie (I think this is the name, the book is at home). I started a rendition of my own and frogged it. This pattern does not need any improvements. Thanks again to Emma for exposing me to a new cool Rowan yarn.

It is very cute and a quick knit. If you want to see me at 11 at night, no makeup, here it is. Otherwise look how cute the hat looks against denim.

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