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Wednesday, August 27, 2003  

Nasty Virus

Web access and email at work are back after the attack by SoBig and MSBlaster, but a storm through Ohio and Pennsylvania has knocked out some phone services. I am blogging from home and hope to get back into my routine tomorrow. I hate working on the laptop because I get a scaled-down version of blogger. Tonight I posted this one twice and then deleted yesterday's post.

Today’s Knitting News
I finished Mark’s skullcap in a two evenings. He does not want to wait for his b-day; he wants it now. That is okay, he does not know about the flame cap – that can be his surprise. I said I would give him the skullcap if he models it. The pattern is ready to go and will be posted tomorrow!

Tonight I have decided to cast-on yet another project. Alison started Chaise from Jo Sharp’s Island Holiday, one of my projects waiting in the basket. Since Alison is providing insight into the idiosyncrasies of this pattern, I thought I would start now. Okay, this makes project # 4 (Milano tank, Dune cardie and Grace cardie). Milano just needs arm/opening bands and Grace is a really quick knit and Dune is probably going on hold indefinitely, because I am not in a lacey mood and it is a really summery texture (Rowan Summer Tweed in coral). Like many others around the ring, I am ready to transition to a new season of knitting.

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