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Monday, August 18, 2003  

New Gallery

Here is the July gallery of finished projects. If you missed entries or are dropping by, this may be of interest. Otherwise all items have been featured in blog entries. Speaking of which, there will be no blog entry tomorrow (Tuesday, August 19). I fly up to Albany and back for a meeting. (No Albany LYS, yet. But I will get there someday!).

Speaking of LYS, I stopped at a rural, northwest PA yarn (and gift) store on Saturday, Otter Creek Store, and had a wonderful time! Check back later this week to see a great basket, yarn & book. Yes, my credit card is now carrying a balance from my lack of control (i.e., ability to stay on a budget).

Today’s Knitting News
Friday I finished my 2nd "Pepe Le Pe" skunk scarf, making it longer than the first. I am starting the armholes of the left front of Grace. The button band is done in seed stitch; the reason this pattern grabbed my attention. It is a great way to get this design element without coping with the monotony of the stitch in an entire item. I will show you photos tomorrow.

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