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Tuesday, August 05, 2003  

Pretty in Pink

The boys are not afraid to show their feminine side, especially if it means silk roses to chew on after posing for a portrait. I swear they vogue for photos. On Mick and Bowie’s behalf, I will send Wendy a knit mouse for her project. Every Friday at work, I allow my staff to wear jeans if they chip a buck or two into a fund to support the no-kill Humane Society where Bowie came from. I have already sent a sizable personal donation and hope to have a nice group check in a month or so.

Today’s Knitting News
By George, I think I got it. The lace of
Dune’s left front
is complete upon the third attempt. Twelve rows, that is all, but it is enough. Hopefully the dark cloud is leaving. In the last week I have mucked up my favorite work shoes (broken heel), trashed slacks to a suit and broke my panoramic Advantix camera (well, Mick helped by pulling the wristlet on the camera and crashing it to the floor). Just bad karma lately, although Confusious says (had Chinese Sunday night): Your talents will be recognized and suitably rewarded. Hope the dude knows what he’s talking about, as I am feeling under-appreciated at work, not a good place to be. Also doing 2 3 4 jobs for the price of one.

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