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Tuesday, August 12, 2003  

Retrospective ~ Summer of 2000

The summer of 2000 was the season of Berocco Glace! My first accomplishment was a lovely rust poncho followed by an adorable halter-top, complete with buttonholes and I-cord ties. Each pattern was published in summer issues of Vogue Knitting and/or Family Circle Knitting (I think – I will post details if anyone is interested.) I wear the summer weight poncho on cool days/evenings -- it gets a lot of attention. The halter needs the buttons moved since it has stretched from wear. It looks cutest with white shorts or capris.

Today’s Knitting News
It is a sad day that I am working through lunch at my desk instead of knitting. So I focused on the positive --- that is Gracie! She be flying. Even if she is not complicated, Gracie is attractive and a pleasure to work on. I have an outfit that will love her as a topper in the next month or so. Tonigh I start the armholes on the back and I only cast on 2 days ago!

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